Hello and thank you for stopping by Ken Ringer photography.
I have considered myself a professional photographer since the
early 1990's and I have a dedicated passion to capture the
wilderness on film. Ever since I visited my first National Park
the love of being in the wilderness has grown. I started this site
in mid 1997 to help show the type of images I have available
to magazine editors and publishers who are looking for nature
and wildlife type images. After receiving many requests from
people browsing the web, and seeing some of the other sites on
nature and wildlife photography, I decided to start a limited edition
gallery on the world wide web for direct purchase.

My photography and the reason that I crave to put film through
my camera is conservation. In my photography I'm trying to
show the public how delicate and fragile this world is. How all
living things deserve to live their lives out in the freedom of true
wilderness. I want people to feel compassion for the natural world
and to want to save it for not only the next generations, but because
all living things are important.

I have won many National and Local photography awards and been
published in numerous National magazines, books, greeting card
and calendar publishers. I also donate my images to environmental
organizations that are trying to save our last remaining natural
places. As you can imagine I love hiking and backpacking and spend
as much time as possible in the field trying to capture new and
exciting images.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, the images,
my shooting plans, or to have us search our files for an image.
Please email us and we will be happy to help. Thanks again for
stopping by and I hope you enjoy the photographs.

Ken Ringer


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