I lived in the Pacific Northwest in the late 1990 for 5 years, and within that time I fell in love with Mount Rainier. Mt. Rainier holds many of the qualities you only find in more remote areas, the purity of this park is hard to equal within the lower United States.

While I lived in the northwest I spent most of my free time on this great mountain. Hiking the trails, camping in the wilderness and photographing the park, Year round for a little over 5 years I spent enjoying this National Park. I have spent 100s, if not 1000s of hours in the wilderness of Mt. Rainier, and I feel some of my images of this park show the park in a special and unique way.

My book, “the four colors of Mt. Rainier” covers the park and changes that take place thought-out the year. Over 100 pages of beautiful photography covering one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This book when shipped will be signed by me (if requested).

Would you like it signed?

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