photo requests -

We are here to supply images to photo editors! We make 100's of photo submission every year, and can
supply you with a submission of images online at your request in as little as 4 hours. We currently have
over 75,000 medium format and 35mm images on file for stock or direct purchase.We offer hard slides
(originals/dupes), online photo reviews and photo CD's of the images you request. We also offer very
fast and professional service and hope that you will contact us if your in need of high quality images.

normal submission times -
Slides (originals and dupes) 6 to 48 hours (out the door)
Online photo review: 4 to 48 hours
Photo CD: 12 to 48 hours (out the door)

contact: phone: 801-870-6367 - fax: 603-649-8455 - email:

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