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Arctic Ground Squirrel, Denali N.P.
Badger, Western US
Beavers, Denali N.P.
Black Bears, Western US and Canada
Black-Tail Deer, Western US
Black-Tail Jackrabbit, Western US
Bighorn Sheep, Western US and Canada
Bison, Western US and Canada.
California Bighorn Sheep, Western US
California Ground Squirrel, California
California Sea Lion, California and Washington
Caribou, Alaska and Western Canada
Colombian Ground Squirrel, California and Montana
Coyote, Western US and Canada
Dall Sheep, Denali N.P. and Canada
Elk (RM, Tule & Roosevelt), Western US and Canada
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Western US
Gray Wolf, Yellowstone N.P. and Denali N.P.
Grizzly Bear, Western US, Alaska, and Canada
Guadalupe Fur Seal, Northern California Coast
Killer Whales, Washington
Marmot (Yellow-bellied & Hoary), Western US
Moose, Western US, Alaska and Canada
Harbor Seal, N. California Coast
Mountain Goats, Western US and Canada
Mule Deer, Western US and Canada
Muskrat, Western US
Northern Elephant Seals, N. California Coast
Pika, Mt. Rainier N.P.
Pine Marten, Pacific Northwest
Porcupine, Western US and Alaska.
Pronghorn, Western US
Raccoon, Western US
Red Fox, Western US, Denali N.P. and Canada
Richardson's Ground Squirrel, MT.
River Otter, Nisqually NWR, WA.
Sea Otters, Northern California Coast
Uinta Ground Squirrel, Yellowstone N.P.
Utah Prairie Dog, UT.
White-tailed Antelope Squirrel, Arches N.P.
White Tail Deer, Western US
White-Tailed Prairie Dog, Bryce Canyon N.P.
Wild Horses, Seedskadee NWR.

Ano Nuevo State Reserve, CA. All seasons
Antelope State Park, All Seasons.
Arches N.P., Summer, Fall, Winter
Bear River NWR, All seasons
Banff N.P., Summer and Winter
Bosque del Apache NWR, Winter
Bryce Canyon N.P., All Seasons
Camas NWR, Spring
Cannon Beach, OR. All Seasons
Canyon de Chelly, Winter
Canyonlands N.P., All Seasons
Capitol Reef N.P., All Seasons
Columbia NWR, WA. Spring, Summer
Colusa NWR, Winter
Crater Lake N.P., Spring and Summer
Dead Horse State Park, All Seasons
Delenav NWR, Winter
Denali N.P., All Seasons
Flaming Gorge NRA, Fall
Glacier N.P., Spring, Summer and Fall
Glen Canyon Recreation Area, Fall & Winter
Grand Canyon N.P., Winter and Summer
Grand Teton N.P., All Seasons
Grays Lake NWR, Spring, Summer
High Uintas Wilderness, Summer, Fall
Jasper N.P., Winter and Summer
Kenai NWR, Alaska. Summer
Kootenay N.P., Winter and Summer
Lake Tahoe, CA. Summer and Fall
Lassen N.P., Spring
Lone Peak Wilderness, Summer
Lower Klamath NWR, Winter and Summer
Merced NWR, Winter, Spring
Mesa Verde N.P., Winter
Monument Valley, All Seasons
Mt. Baker Wilderness, WA. Spring, Summer and Fall
Mt. Rainier N.P., All seasons
Mt. St. Helens, WA. Winter, Spring and Summer
National Bison Range, MT. Summer
Ninepipe NWR, Summer
Nisqually NWR, WA. All seasons.
North Cascades N.P., Spring, Summer and Fall
Olympic N.P., All seasons
Ouray NWR, Fall
Point Lobos State Reserve, CA. All seasons
Point Reyes National Seashore, CA. All seasons
Red Canyon, Utah, All Seasons
Red-Rocks NWR, Summer
Redwood N.P., Summer and Fall
Ridgefield NWR, Winter, Spring
Rocky Mountain N.P., Summer
Sacramento NWR, Winter, Spring
San Luis NWR, Winter
Seedskadee NWR, Summer and Fall
Sequoia N.P., Spring and Summer
Silver Falls State Park, OR. Fall
Slot Canyon, AZ. Summer
Stone Mountain Providence Park, Canada, Summer
Teton Wilderness, Summer, Fall
Yellowstone N.P., All seasons
Yoho N.P., Canada, Summer
Yosemite N.P., All seasons
Wasatch Wilderness, All Seasons
Waterton Lakes N.P., Canada, Spring and Summer
Zion N.P., All Seasons

American Bittern, Western US and Canada
American Avocet, Western US
American Coot, Western US
American Goldfinch, Western US
American Kestrel (M&F), Western US
American Robin, Western US
American White Pelican, Western US
American Wigeon (M&F), Western US
Bald Eagles, Western US, Alaska and Canada
Barn Swallow, Bear River NWR
Barrow's Goldeneye (M&F), Western US
Belted Kingfisher, Ridgefield NWR
Black-Billed Magpie, Western US.
Black-capped Chickadee, Western US
Black-crowned Night-heron, Western US
Black-headed Grosbeak, Western US
Black-Necked Stilt, Western US
Black Oystercatchers, Northern California Coast
Blue winged-teal (M&F), Western US
Bohemian Waxwing, Washington
Brewer's Blackbird, Rocky Mt. States
Brown Pelicans, California Coast
Bufflehead (M&F), Western US
Burrowing Owl, Utah
California Towhee, California
Canvasback (M&F), Western US
Canadian Geese, Western US
Cattle Egret, Utah
Cedar Waxwing, Western US
Cinnamon Teal (M&F), Western US
Clark's Grebe, Western US
Clark's Nutcracker, Western US
Cliff Swallow, Western US
Common Goldeneye (M&F), Western US
Common Loon, Western US
Common Merganser (M&F), Western US
Common Moorhen, California
Common Raven, Western US
Common Tern, Western US
Double-crested Cormorant, Western US
Eared-Grebe, Western US
Eastern Kingbird, Western US
Egrets (Snowy & Great), Western US
European Starling, Western US
Franklin's Gull, Western US
Foster's Tern, Western US
Gadwall (M&F), Malheur NWR
Gray Jay, Western US
Great Blue Heron, Western US
Great Gray Owls, Western US
Great Horned Owls, Western US
Greater Roadrunner, Western US
Greater White-fronted Goose, Western US
Green-winged Teal (M&F), Western US
Harlequin Duck (M&F), Olympic N.P.
Hairy Woodpecker, Western US
Hooded Merganser, Western US
Horned Grebe (M&F), Western US
Horned Lark, Utah
House Finch, Western US
House Sparrow, Western US
Killdeer, Western US
Lazuli Bunting, Western US
Least Sandpiper, Bear River NWR
Lesser Scaup (M&F). Western US
Loggerhead Shrike, Western US
Long-Billed Curlew, Western US
Mallard Ducks (M&F), Western US and Canada
Marsh Wern, Utah
Mouurning Dove, Western US
Mountain Bluebird, Western US
Night Heron, Western US
Northern Flicker, Utah
Northern Harrier, Western US
Northern Pintail (M&F), Western US
Northern Shrike, Western US
Northern Shoveler, Western US
Northwestern Crow, Western US
Oldsquaw, Utah
Osprey, Western US
Pied-Billed Grebe (M&F), Western US
Pine Grosbeak, Rocky Mt. States
Pine Siskin, GTNP
Ptarmigan, Glacier N.P. and Denali N.P.
Red-breasted Merganser (M&F), Western US
Red-breasted Nuthatch, Rocky Mt. States
Redheaded Duck (M&F), Western US
Red Tail Hawks, Western US
Red-winged Blackbird, US
Ring-necked Pheasant, Western US
Ring-necked Duck (M&F), Western US
Ross Goose, Western US
Rough-legged Hawk, Western US
Ruddy Duck (M&F), Western US
Ruffed Grouse, Western US
Sanderling, California Coast
Sandhill Cranes, Western US and Alaska
Scrub Jay, Western US
Short Eared Owl, Western US
Snow Geese, Western US
Spotted Sandpiper, Western US
Spruce Grouse, Denali N.P.
Steller's Jay, Western US
Stilt Sandpiper, Western US
Swainson's Hawk, Western US
Tree Swallow, Western US
Turkey Vulture, California
Trumpeter Swan, Western US
Tundra Swan, Western US
Western Bluebird, Western US
Western Gull, Western US
Western Kingbird, Western US
Western Meadowlark, Western US
Western Tanager, Yellowstone
White-crowned Sparrow (M&F), Utah
White-Faced Ibis, Western US
White-tailed Kite, California
White-tailed Ptarmigan, Western US
Willet, Western US
Willow Ptarmigan, Denali N.P.
Wilson's Phalarope, Bear River NWR
Wood Duck (M&F), Western US
Yellow-headed Blackbird (M&F), Western US

Yellow Warbler, Western US

captive animals
Africa Elephants
Africa Lions
Bald Eagles
Black Bears
Black-footed Ferret
Golden Eagle
Gray Wolf
Great Horned Owl
Grizzly Bear
Mountain Lion
Peregrine Falcon
Snowy Owl
Spotted Owl
Red Wolf
River Otter

Alpine Forget-me-not
Alpine paintbrush
American Globeflower
Arrowleaf Groundsel
Broadleaf Bluebells
California Poppy
Canada Thistle
Common Sunflower
Duncecap Larkspur
Dwarf Lupine
Engelmann Aster
English Daisy
Few flowered shooting stars
Giant Red Paintbrush
Glacier Lily
Heartleaf Arnica
Lanceleaf Stonecrop
Miner's lettuce
Miniture Lupine
Mountain Bluebells
Narrowleaf Bluebells
Northern Mulešs Ears
Northern Sweetvetch
Pick Monkeyflower
Prairie Star
Prairie Sunflower
Purple Mountain Saxifrage
Queenšs Cup
Red Clover
Red Columbine
Rocky Ledge Penstemon
Rocky Mountain Iris
Rocky Mountain Phlox
Rosy Twisted-Stalk
Sagebrush Buttercup
Showy Goldeneye
Silvery Lupine
Sitka Valerian
Star Lily
Starry False Solomonšs-Seal
Subalpine Buttercup
Subalpine Daisy
Sulphur Paintbrush
Tufted Phlox
Wavyleaf Thistle
Western Fringed Gentian
White Mulešs Ears
White-rayed Mule's ears
Yellow Fawn Lily
Yellow Parentucellia
Yellow Pond Lily

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